Alimentos de Nuestra Tierra: Patacones

Patacones are made from green plantains, a starchy banana that grows in abundance on the Isthmus of Panama. Plantains are used frequently in various dishes from pies to soups, throughout the countries nine provinces.

In Panama, plantains can be prepared several ways:
  • Salty fried green plantains (Patacones) eaten as a snack or with lunch
  • Very ripe fried plantains eaten for dinner
  • Baked plantains sprinkled with cinnamon eaten with dessert

In order to prepare patacones, green plantains are thickly sliced and deep fried until crispy. They are then smashed flat and salt or pepper are added to taste.

These crispy treats are sure to please your palette all day long during our Summer Lawn program activities. 

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