The High School Scholarship award program is currently on hold due to funding shortages.

 ~ 2019 Scholarship Winner~ 
Danae Cave
Stanford University
Every year, the House of Panama awards scholarships up to $1,000 to one High School graduate residing in the United States pursuing higher education at the college of their choice. 

It is our goal that this scholarship will assist Panamanian parents in their efforts to guide their children in pursuing a college education. 

Recipients will also receive a 1-year membership to the House of Panama.


To be eligible for the scholarship, the graduate(s) must be of Panamanian descent and must have been accepted to the college of their choice. Priority will be given to a candidate who has demonstrated a commitment to working with the Panamanian community.

Application Documents
  1. Complete the House of Panama Scholarship Application form with accurate information.
  2. A document showing you are of Panamanian descent (e.g. copy of Parent's birth certificate, Panamanian passport, Panamanian Cedula, etc.).
  3. An Essay no more than two (2) pages formatted in Times New Roman, size 11 font, 1” margins on all sides, and double-spaced.  The Essay should address the following questions:
    1. Why it is important for all Panamanians to become a member of the House of Panama?
    2. How will this scholarship help you give back to the Panamanian community?
  4. A copy of your unofficial transcripts, report card, and/or grades for the last completed school semester/quarter.
  5. Two letters of reference (one personal, one academic).
  6. A copy of the acceptance letter or proof of enrollment from the intended school of attendance.

Application Deadline: TBD

Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and will be awarded on the basis of essay and academic standing. Failure to provide proper documentation or meet the deadline will void the application.

Scholarships will be awarded at the Summer Lawn Program.