Alimentos de Nuestra Tierra: Pescado

First on the list in this new article series, Alimentos de Nuestra Tierra (Food of our land) is Pescado (Fish).

Panama, as you may know translates to "abundance of fish". The tradition of fishing goes back hundreds of years. Panama is among the principal fishing centers in the world and fishermen have won over 50 world records for fishing in our country.

This angler's paradise has saltwater fishing within the 600 miles of coast and freshwater fishing in the many rivers and lakes. There is a variety of fish due to the fact that Panama borders the Atlantic and Pacific ocean.  Some of popular fish dishes you can find are:
  • Pescado Relleno de Maiz - Baked Corvina stuffed with corn, bread, red pepper, thyme and salt.
  • Pargo Asado - Roasted Red Snapper on a bed of potatoes roasted with garlic.
  • Escabeche de Pescado - Mackerel coated with flour and fried with onion, garlic and peppers and then pickled.

We will be serving Baked Fish with gravy at this year's Summer Lawn Program , see our full menu here.

What are favorite fish dishes? Leave us a comment below.

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